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I Run New York Lyrics - Tony Yayo

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I Run New York Lyrics

[Mike Epps:]

[Starts off with the beat of Mobb Deep's: "Cobra"

[Intro: 50 Cent {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Please, don't play witta animal!
Yeah! {JAY SHERR!}

[Chorus 1: 50 Cent]
The walls have ears lil' nigga {TY ONE!} - I run New York!
Even when I ain't there lil' nigga - I run New York!
I said the walls have ears lil' nigga - I hear when you talk! {MIXTAPES... UK-dot-COM}
Let's get this shit clear lil' nigga - I run New York! (Yayo: "I RUN NEW YORK! HERE WE GO, NOW! ")

[50 Cent:]
I wake up - stare at the ceilin',
I'm alive - what a beautiful feelin'. (whoooo!)
I put my Vest on right after I put on my drawers,
It's a habit I'm always [gun cocks] prepared for war. [gun cocks] (yeah!)
See my life's like some shit, you seen in a flick.
Bitches act like pornstars when they sit on a dick, (Yayo: "C'MON! ")
When I was hit and out the game I said: "One more flick! "
Test my aim in the range I'm like: "One more clip! " [gunshot] {Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
It's my brain, I'm insane, I be on some shit. {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
Man I run Interscope - Jada's tryna annoy me!
Nuthin' but another disgruntled employee, (Hahaha!)
He been in the game 10 years - and he still ain't rich.
Even his mama upset that he still ain't shit,
And he keep runnin' his yap, like I'm a take all that.
One more word out his mouth I'll push Style's shit back. {Whoooo! DAMN!}
See the nozzle on my tre pound is 3'' inches long,
And the trigger on the fo'-fo's extremly strong. [gunshot]
With a little tre douche is like: "POP! [shot] POP! " [shot]
Chase his ass up the block
'Til his bitch ass drop. {Whoooo!}
And the verses he be kickin' - none of 'em hot,
Cause he ain't got none of that shit he says: "He got."
And he ain't did - none of that shit he said he did,
And I ain't got - time to be talkin' 'bout this shit. - Fuckin' faggot! Haha!

[Chorus 2: 50 Cent]
I guess it's easy to see lil' nigga - I run New York! {I AM WHAT I AM!}
Yeah, I live in CT lil' nigga - but I run New York! {MIXTAPE! G-UNIT SNEAKERS!}
And I don't go to parties lil' nigga - but I run New York! {REEBOK! CAN'T FORGET...}
And I stay gettin' Cs lil' nigga - cause I run New York! {FACT THE RATS!}
(Yayo, tell 'em I run New York!)

[Tony Yayo:]
My gun is longer than yours - nigga, call your recouster, LOX
Made more money - than them thin tiny suits. (bling!)
The game around South - drugs and rappin',
Jada fuckin' punchlines - my serp went Platinum. [gunshot] {WHAT?}

Style's and Sheek Louch - went double plastic.
Yayo, Buck and Bank$ is puttin' out classics. [shot]
A "100 shots, a 100 clips", [gun cocks] y'all "Ready 2 Die",
Fat Joe ain't a gangsta - he scared to fly! (HERE WE GO!)
Automatic Mossberg, who want a piece of this pump? [gunshot]
I had Ja Rule buried - and some high heel punk.
Feds stuck in a bulletproof - man fuck that!
Homie, shoot up my whip; all you leave is a scratch! (BRING IT DOWN NOW!)
Yo! I flip Cocaine in your project lobby,
And beat you with' my pistol like - [gun cocks] Kane did Chauncey. [gun cocks]
It's T-O-N-Y, Y-A-Y-O!
My whole clique got dough - my O's on the fly hole! (50: "Hahaha! ")
G-4s, we fly on Lears,
And my rocks lookin' like - flashlights yo' Benz. - NIGGA!

[Chorus (3.): 50 Cent]
When I'm down in D.C. lil' nigga - I tell 'em - I run New York!
When I'm out in Philly lil' homie, I run New York! {CAN'T FORGET: LLOYD BANK$!}
When I'm in V.A. I tell niggaz guess what {DJs!} - I run New York! {Whoooo, Kiiiiid!}
When I'm in N.C. niggaz holla at the moon - cause I run New York! {TONY YAYO! "RAW-N-UNCUT"!}
(Yayo tell 'em I run New York!) {G-UNIT RADIO!}

[Outro: 50 Cent]
Now who the fuck told that lil' nigga he can talk to me like that?
Catch my bottle up and roll him somewhere.
Hahahaha! {HAHA!}
Dee, Waah wanna talk to me, wanna tell me what's goin' on!
Want me to serve him somethin' for real, cause I'll serves...
I'll murder.
Hahahaha! [gunshot]
'Ey get Puffy on the phone!
Tell him I said...
Tell the nigga Puffy I said get out the mirror for a second let me talk to him!
Puffy da only nigga a muthafucka props!
Tell him: "I want buy the nigga Jadakiss pokes."
Nigga still ain't a Coupe. {Whooooo} [gunshot]
Ah, nigga, you in da way!
You owe money, nigga! {HAHA!}
Aw, man!
Now why you make me put yo' bidness in da street?!
Now niggaz know you ain't shit!
Damn! {TONY YAYO!}
I see yo' monkey ass in da paper!
Cause you ain't returnin' them jewels you borrowed! {HAHA!}
You better give 'em back!
You dirty nigga.
Ain't none of that shit you be wearin' yours. [gunshot] {Whooooo!}
Hahaha! {P. BLACKK!}
We coulda kept this secret, nigga.
These niggaz I'm supposed to beef with'?!
Aw, man!
This fight is fixed! {AMMO}
You been set up.
Hahahaha! [gunshot]
That's what he gonna say: "They set me up, man." {Whoooo!}
I ain't even go through that...
Hahaha! {Damn!} [gunshot] [beat stops]
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