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Straight From The Dec Lyrics - Ghetto Mafia

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Straight From The Dec Lyrics

I Can Feel It (chorus) I can feel it You can feel it Can you feel it? Cause I can feel it Can you hear it? Cause I can hear it (verse 1: Wicked/Nino alteranting every few lines) I got my big block still And he come and touch me Wicked man And that's for real My momma's stressin' You're on the wrong course But I've been cheatin' and thiefin' f**k the task force A secret source told me I'll be raided Even though there're deputy cars I'm gonna play it I packed up and left behind my nudiean(?) f**k them hoes I got money and Peruvian See we got 'chus we got Cubans We got Atlanta, Miami, and even Houston And don't be shippin' It's my little neck You f**k with me I make four-mile tracks It's hard to tell I got half a million dollars Because I live in Decatum Drive an Impala Several homes that have been knocked off But if it jumps off I'm gonna die wit the sawed-off (chorus) (verse 2) See I can feel a gun battle with the po-po Or gettin' causght on the road with a kilo I can feel the whole city and the mayor Givin' me life or the chair It ain't fair But life's a f**kin' dickin' I get a nut from robbin' the lickin' I can feel the FBI tryin' to frame me Or the Klu Klux Klan tryin' to hang me I can feel my whole hood against me I can feel the laws apprehend me Got me scared to add to my own dough Got me scared to sell my own blow See I can feel my girl go in state I can feel them robbin' me from the weight(?) I can feel the shocks from the chair And I can feel it in the air (chorus) (verse 3) Now everybody wanna kill the small guy Shot my chest out And watch my last cry See several of my boys they felt the same way And either they got them the same or the next day Many people can't feel what I'm talkin about Either they just don't know until I'm taken out I'm lookin out And ready for casualties Ain't got nothing to live for f**k royalties I often find myself picking out curtains I know they coming for me and that's for certain But if they come I swear I'm gonna kill some Straight mowin' theses crackers like African It's hard to beleive I got a whole hood locked down But I still feel I'm gonna get shot down But I know life ain't fair I'm ready to war Any time Any where (chorus 2x)
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