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       M & .. - Magi..  

       Magi.. - Maki..  

       Maki.. - Marc..  

       Marc.. - Mast..  

       Mast.. - Me, ..  

       Me, .. - Memo..  

       Memo.. - Meta..  

       Meta.. - Mike..  

       Mike.. - Misf..  

       Misf.. - Moll..  

       Moll.. - More..  

       More.. - Mott..  

       Mott.. - Mr. ..  

       Mr. .. - Musi..  

       Musi.. - My C..  

       My C.. - My S..  

       My S  

   Albums with M  in Marc.. - Mast..  interval
 Marchin’ Already album (Ocean Colour Scene)
 Marching Out album (Yngwie Malmsteen)
 Marcy Playground album (Marcy Playground)
 Mardi Gras album (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
 Mariah Carey album (Mariah Carey)
 Marianne album (The Hilltoppers)
 Marianne album (Terry Gilkyson And The Easy Riders)
 Marianne Faithfull album (Marianne Faithfull)
 Marie album (Tommy Dorsey)
 Marie album (The Four Tunes)
 Marie album (The Bachelors)
 Marigold Sky album (Hall And Oates)
 Marillion album (Marillion)
 Marillion. Com album (Marillion)
 Mario album (Mario)
 Mark Chesnutt album (Mark Chesnutt)
 Mark Tom & Travis Show album (Blink 182)
 Mark Wills album (Mark Wills)
 Maroon album (Barenaked Ladies)
 Mars Audiac Quintet album (Stereolab)
 Marshall Crenshaw album (Marshall Crenshaw)
 Marshall Mathers Lp album (Eminem)
 Martina album (Martina Mcbride)
 Martinis Bikinis album (Sam Phillips)
 Martyr Mantras album (Boy George)
 Marvin The Album album (Frente)
 Mary Black album (Mary Black)
 Mary J Blige - Beautiful 12" album (Mary J Blige)
 Mary J Blige - I Can Love You (single) album (Mary J Blige)
 Mary J Blige - Mary album (Mary J Blige)
 Mary J Blige - No More Drama album (Mary J Blige)
 Mary J Blige - Rainy Days album (Mary J Blige)
 Mary Jean & 9 Others album (Marshall Crenshaw)
 Mary Star Of The Sea album (Zwan)
 Marys Boy Child album (Harry Belafonte)
 Marys Prayer album (Danny Wilson)
 Mary`s Boy Child album (Christmas Carols)
 Mary`s Prayer album (Bbmak)
 Mas Oro album (Abba)
 Maschine Zeit album (Funker Vogt)
 Mask Of Smiles album (John Waite)
 Masquerade album (Wyclef Jean)
 Master Hits: Taylor Dayne album (Taylor Dayne)
 Master Of Puppets album (Metallica)
 Master Of Reality album (Black Sabbath)
 Master Of The Rings album (Helloween)
 Master Piece album (Lsg)
 Master Piece album (Extra Prolific)
 Masterjam album (Chaka Khan)
 Mastermind`s Year To Fear album (Downward Spiral)

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